Chicago Edge SC provides a quality program for area soccer players at all levels promoting growth and excellence in individual and team soccer skills, in a challenging, rewarding environment, providing a high level of achievement and character development

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Risk Management Policy

Player Safety/Injuries
An injury form should be completed within 24 hours and sent to the Executive Administrator of the club in the case of an injury where the player cannot continue playing in a game or practice, or requires medical attention after the game or practice.  Injury Report forms are available in the Documents section of the website.

Injuries that require immediate attention include: any eye injury, inability to use an injured extremity; any injury that results in a loss of consciousness; loss of memory; excessive bleeding; broken bone; severe sprain or ligament tear; or any injury that the supervising adult feels warrants immediate attention.  Supervising adults should be aware of players who are allergic to insect stings or have a history of asthma that interferes with playing the game.  Parents must inform coaches of how to intervene in these instances (e.g., use of inhalers, epipen etc).

Any player receiving a head injury should seek medical attention if concussion symptoms are present. For concussion signs and symptoms please review “Heads Up – Concussion in Youth Sports” located in the Documents section of the website.  Their physician must release players diagnosed with a concussion before returning to the soccer field.

Coaches and team managers should have a completed Medical Release and Liability Waiver for each player at all games and practices. Teams have been supplied with a standard first aid kit by the club and should have it available at all practices and games.

Both IYSA (girls) and US Club (boys) offer supplemental insurance for injuries received during the course of play.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to follow up with this insurance option, if interested.  League Insurance forms are available in the Documents section of the website.

Goal Safety
It is the policy of the Chicago Edge SC to take all reasonable steps to check that goals are anchored/secured in accordance with Zack’s Law passed in Illinois.  This law requires that all soccer goals with inside measurements between 6.5’ x 18’ and 18’ x 24’ must conform to tip-resistant standards set by the American Society for testing and materials.   In accordance with park district regulations all goals covered by Zack’s law must be set into place by the park district and cannot be moved by anyone other than park district personnel.  All other goals should be set up and securely anchored using stakes provided by the club before each event.

Background Checks
All club board members/officers, coaches, paid employees and volunteers are required to submit information for annual background checks.  Volunteer is defined as any team manager or other club wide volunteer listed on the website.  The office will use or another similar vehicle as prvoded by IYSA to conduct background checks.