Chicago Edge SC provides a quality program for area soccer players at all levels promoting growth and excellence in individual and team soccer skills, in a challenging, rewarding environment, providing a high level of achievement and character development

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  1.1.  The name of this non-profit corporation is Chicago Edge Soccer Club, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the "Club."
  1.2. This Club is intended to be a 501(c)(3) corporation for purposes of the Internal Revenue Code.


  2.1.  The purposes of the Club shall be as follows:  to promote interest and participation in the sport of soccer, to act as an organizing body for competitive soccer teams in Oak Park, River Forest and surrounding areas; and, to do all other things necessary and proper to carry out these purposes.
  2.2. The Mission Statement of the Chicago Edge is to provide a competitive travel soccer experience for players at all levels, promote development and excellence in individual and team soccer skills, and provide players the opportunity to achieve a high level of soccer skills in an environment of good sportsmanship and character.  The Club prides itself in the high qualifications and experiences of its coaching staff, and always strives to maintain the strongest group of coaches found in a community soccer club anywhere.
  2.3. Membership on any team, which is sponsored by the Club, shall be in keeping with one of the Club's primary goals to provide opportunities for soccer players from the Oak Park, River Forest and surrounding areas to play on a competitive level against the competitive soccer teams of other communities.  Accordingly, to the extent that private or public organizations, on whose fields the Club's teams practice and play their home matches, require a majority of the Club's team members to be residents of the communities in which the fields of the private or public organizations are located, the Club's teams should reflect a composition consistent with the expectations and/or requirements of those private or public organizations.


  3.1.  Individuals interested in promoting soccer and in the activities of the Club may be eligible for membership.
  3.2. An individual or a family becomes a member of the Club upon payment of annual dues.
  3.3. Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote by the members.  In those cases where a family has more than one individual attending a meeting where a vote is taken, a family is entitled to cast no more than one vote per registered family player.
  3.4. An individual member or family member may be suspended or expelled from membership for cause after an appropriate hearing before the Board of the Club.  A two-thirds majority vote of the Board is required to impose a suspension or expulsion of any Club member.
  3.5. If an individual member or family member has failed to pay dues or any monetary charges required for participation in the Club, then the Board may suspend or terminate the membership of any member who shall be in default in the payment of such dues or monetary charges.  Membership may be reinstated after payment of the dues or monetary charges has been received by the Club.
  3.6. Any member may terminate membership in the Club by submitting a written resignation to the Board.  Membership shall be deemed to be terminated upon approval of the resignation by the Board and payment by the member of all dues, assessments or other charges accrued and unpaid through the date of resignation.
  3.7. A former Board member or other person whose child no longer plays Edge soccer may continue to register as a member for one year at a time upon written request to the President and upon payment of a $20 annual fee to cover administrative expenses.  The fee may be waived at the discretion of the President.  Membership of such a person may be suspended by majority vote of the Board if merited.



  4.1.  The Officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 5 at-large members (two of whom will likely, although not necessarily, fill the respective roles of High School Boys and Girls Coordinator).
  4.2. The Board of the Club shall consist of the Officers..
  4.3 Members of the Board shall be elected by a majority vote of the club membership present at the Annual General Meeting.
  4.4 Board members shall be elected to three-year terms, with terms staggered to provide continuity.
  4.5 Immediately following the election of the Board by the general membership, Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board, and each Officer shall assume the duties of the office at the Board meeting following the close of the Annual General Meeting.
  4.6 If a vacancy shall occur on the Board for any reason it shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board at the next meeting following the creation of the vacancy.  The successor Board member elected by the Board shall serve for the unexpired portion of the Board term to which he or she is elected.



  5.1.  The Board shall have authority to manage the Club according to the By-Laws and policies established by the Membership.  The Board shall consider and act upon any matters requiring action by the Club.  Its actions shall be guided in support of the promotion of soccer.
  5.2. The Board shall meet at such times and at such places as the members of the Board shall from time to time determine; however, the Board shall meet at least once per quarter.
  5.3. All Board meetings shall be open to the members of the Club, unless a closed meeting (or portion thereof) is specifically authorized by the Board for the purpose of discussing matters for which a closed meeting is appropriate, e.g., personnel matters, handling litigation involving the Club, deliberation on a charge to suspend or expel a member of the Club pursuant to Section 3.4 of these By-Laws.
  5.4. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and Board and shall perform all other duties and obligations as the Chief Executive Officer of the Club.
  5.5. The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the event of the absence or disability of the President, and shall perform such duties as the Board may assign.
  5.6 The Secretary shall record, keep and maintain an accurate record of the minutes of all meetings of the Club and Board.
  5.7. The Treasurer shall collect all dues, assessments and other charges, which shall be deposited in a financial institution approved by the Board.  The Club expenses shall be paid by check drawn by the Club Treasurer or the Treasurer’s designee. All checks exceeding $1000 shall require a second signature from a Board Member with check writing/signing privileges.



  6.1.  At least twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual General Meeting, a Nominating Committee appointed by the Board shall submit to the Membership of the Club a written report proposing a slate of nominees for each position on the Board which is up for election at the Annual General Meeting.  In its report, the Nominating Committee shall make recommendations as to what position on the Board a nominee could serve.  The number of nominees shall be equal to or in excess of the number of Board positions which are up for election at the Annual Meeting.
  6.2. At the Annual General Meeting, nominations from the floor shall not be allowed unless the nominee’s name was first timely submitted to the Nominating Committee for consideration.
  6.3. Only those nominees who have consented orally or in writing to serve if elected shall be eligible for nomination, either by the Nominating Committee or from the floor.
  6.4. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members of the Board.  The Board shall appoint members of the Nominating Committee.


  7.1.  Annual dues for membership in the Club shall be in such amount as set from time to time by the majority vote of the Board.
  7.2. All dues and assessments or other charges fixed by the Board, or properly incurred by the Club shall be billed by the Treasurer.
  7.3. The Treasurer shall recommend to the Board prior to the last Board meeting of each calendar year an Annual Budget for the operation of the Club for the coming fiscal year.  Upon approval by the Board, the proposed Budget shall be presented to the Club for approval at the Annual General Meeting.


  8.1.  The Annual Meeting of this Club shall occur in March or April of each year, or at such other time as set by the Board with due notice. Any other meeting of the Club may take place upon written notice from the Board at least 21 days before the scheduled meeting.
  8.2. Meetings of the Club shall be conducted in accordance with these By-Laws and, where not inconsistent with these By-Laws, with Robert's Rules of Order (latest edition).
  8.3. A quorum is necessary to conduct the business of the Board.  Four members of the Board shall constitute a quorum to conduct the business of the Board.
  8.4. Agendas for Club meetings shall be distributed at least 21 days before the Club meeting date.  Agendas for Board meetings shall be distributed at least 2 days before the Board Meeting date.  Minutes of the Club and Board meetings shall be kept by the Secretary.  The minutes of a meeting shall be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting of the Club or Board, where applicable, and approved subject to any amendments.


  9.1.  The Board may create standing and special committees as it may from time to time deem necessary to promote the purposes of the club.
  9.2. The President of the Club shall be a member ex-officio of all committees.


  10.1.  All books, administrative records, minutes of meetings and names and addresses of all members shall be kept by the Secretary, or his/her designee.  Such books, records, minutes and membership lists may be inspected by any member of the Club or his/her designated agent for any proper purpose and during normal business hours.
  10.2. The financial records of the Club shall be kept and maintained by the Treasurer.
  10.3. The fiscal year of the Club shall begin the first day of June and end the last day of May of the following year.


  11.1.  These By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed by a majority of the board.
  11.2. Any alternations, amendments or repeal of these By-Laws shall take effect immediately upon a majority vote of the board.




Approved at the October 4, 2018 Board Meeting