Chicago Edge SC provides a quality program for area soccer players at all levels promoting growth and excellence in individual and team soccer skills, in a challenging, rewarding environment, providing a high level of achievement and character development

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Referees ages 18 or older will need to get a background check. If you turn 18 during 2016, you will need to do one on your birthday.
Go to and follow the instructions for a Referee. Forward us the email confirmation after you complete it.

Referees under the age of 16 will need a work permit.
Fill out the Work Permit form (Link here) and make an appointment with your school principal (you need to bring your social security card and birth certificate).
Drop a copy in the Chicago Edge dropbox at 625 N. Elmwood Ave. in Oak Park
Both the background check (for 18 or older) and the work permit (for under 16) are the LAW. We will not assign refs who haven't gotten their paperwork in order.
In order to get paid, you need to register with both leagues and create accounts on their system:
NISL Registration
You get paid by submitting the game cards - both IWSL and NISL accept game cards online now!
Center refs will need to be at least 3 years older than the age group playing.
Linesmen cannot be younger than the age group playing.
You get game offers by email/text (if set up), usually around 1-2 weeks before a game. You will then have a few days to respond - if we don't see an acceptance after a few days we will take the offer away from your account and move down the list to the next referee. When that happens you will get another notification letting you know that you're needed any longer. So it is in your own interest to respond in a timely manner.
Once you accept an offer we expect you to be there. Please only accept offers if you know you can make that game. if an emergency comes up or an unforeseen event you have to contact us personally. If you change your mind often, you will not receive any future game offers.

We have a large stock of referees this year and will try our best to get everybody out there as soon as possible. You might also see another referee out there monitoring proceedings. These are mentors and are there for your support. They will point out ways to improve your experience as a referee - be open to their suggestions, they are your friend!

Chicago Edge will use linesmen for ages U11 and older. We might however give you an AR assignment at the U10 level for practice purposes. If you get such an assignment, payment will be slightly less. Otherwise linesmen get from the home team manager:
U11-U12: $25
U13-U15: $35
HS (U16-U19): $40
As an incentive to attract quality center referees, in addition each team manager will give the center referee a bonus of $10 for older age group games (U11-U18).
Payments for center refs by the Leagues:
NISL (Boys games) - they pay at the end of the season:
U8: $40
U9-U10: $45
U11-U12: $50
U13-U14: $60
U15-U19: $66
IWSL (Girls games) - they pay twice per season:
U8-U10: $45
U11-U12: $50
U13-U14: $60
U15-U19: $66

Make sure you read up on the different rules for the 2 leagues as well as the differences for each age group.
A few pointers:
-Player (Coach) Passes: we would like to enforce the rule No Pass-No Play rule. NISL gives the option to play the game under protest, but that gets tricky. Let's lkeep it simple: players need to have their passes.
-Secured Goals: Make sure to inspect the goal before the game. Goals must be secured by extra weight or anchoring to the ground.
We also expect every referee to have certain equipment. First every ref has to own 2 differently colored referee shirts, black shorts and socks. If it's cold, you can wear a hoodie, but the ref shirt has to be the top layer. Every ref also has to own a set of flags. Center referees also need to bring a whistle, a coin for the toss, a set of cards (yellow, red), a pen and a stopwatch (linesmen can also bring a watch to aid the center ref with keeping time).
On the Edge website, again under Officials Area, is a link to buy supplies - they also sell Starter Kits.

We always try to match referees with game that are the right fit. If you disagree and feel that you're getting the wrong games, let us know.

We have assembled a Refree FAQ, which you can find on the Edge website:
Referee FAQ