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GAME 2: Sunday, September 15th, 2019 @ 12pm
by posted 09/11/2019

Good Evening,

Second regular season game this weekend - looking forward to seeing great effort and more amazing smiles from our girls!


Game details:

  • When: Sunday, 9/15, at 12pm (11.30am arrival)

  • Where: Priory Park, 7354 Division, Oak Park, IL

  • Opponent: ECSA Girls 2009 White team

  • Jersey: Red



  • Arrive 30 minutes before game time with both jerseys in tow

  • Bring a size 4 ball and water

  • Leave earrings, watches and other jewelry at home



  • Predicted high of 84F, scattered thunderstorms in AM, 40% chance of rain

  • Please remember to keep an eye on field closings and Kris and I will do our best to let you know if anything changes 

  • All of our local Edge fields and their status’ are listed on the Edge homepage. If you are on your phone, make sure you are viewing the “Full Site”, and details are included in the right column, below “Results”, “News” and “Weather”


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Tournament Time - Octoberfest Classic 2019 - Libertyville, IL
by posted 09/11/2019

Hello Edge Parents,

Kris and I wanted to reach out to everyone with regard to our Fall tournament, the Octoberfest Classic in Libertyville, IL.

We need to know WHO CAN MAKE IT THAT WEEKEND to provide our final lineup to the tournament officials, and find any subs if necessary.


The tournament details are as follows:

Where: Libertyville, IL

When: October 11th - 13th.


Please email me at your earliest convenience to let me know who is available.








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Game - Sunday 9.8 @ 12pm
by posted 09/06/2019

Good Morning, First regular season game this weekend. Please arrive 30 minutes before game time with both jerseys. Weather - 68F and 50% chance of rain at game time. Please keep an eye on the field closings and Kris and I will do our best to let you know if anything changes. Here's our game info for Sunday: When: Sunday, 9/8, at 12pm (11.30am arrival) Where: Priory Park, 7354 Division, Oak Park, IL Opponent: AYSO 300 (Western Springs) Jersey: Blue

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Welcome - 2009 Girls!!!
by posted 09/04/2019


Welcome to the 2019-20 Edge soccer season! 

I am looking forward to a great fall with lots of time spent on the sidelines getting to one another and cheering on our girls. 

First welcome to all the new team members - some new to the Chicago Edge Soccer Club and some new to the Select team.  I know the girls are excited to get to know one another and start the season.


Overview: This season the girls will be in the Illinois Women’s Soccer League (IWSL) U11 Division - DC1.

-     Our team page, which includes our schedule, can be found here:

-     Our division page, which includes a list of our opponents, updated scores and standings, can be found here:

Practices – Please be sure to have the girls to practice on time and ready to go.

Games – Please be sure to have the girls at the field of play 30 minutes prior, ready to warmup and play. This is critical to the success of the team and if they are going to be late please let Kris or I know as early as possible so that we can account for their absence.

Tournament – The fall tournament for the girls will be the Libertyville Octoberfest Soccer Tournament from October 11th – 13th -

Our schedule for that weekend won't be available for a few weeks and so please keep your schedules open/flexible for that weekend. If you already know you will be out of town, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

Communication: We will use the Chicago Edge website and email to post game information the week of each game, as well as, other pertinent details. 

- Please be sure to respond in a timely manner to the automated attendance emails by selecting greenfor "Yes, I can make it" or red for "No, I cannot make it".

- This is very important for practices so that Kris can have sufficient time to alter drills / scrimmages as needed and make the practices efficient and effective for our girls.

- These responses are also absolutely critical for games to allow for the time necessary to drum up subs, make thoughtful tactical and positional changes ahead of time, all of which will put the team in the best position to succeed on gameday. 

GroupMe App: On the day of games, during tournaments, or for other more timely notifications, we will use the messaging app, GroupMe.  Shortly you will receive details as to how to join GroupMe for our team.


The girls need the following equipment:


-     Size 4 soccer ball - Please check this detail. A few of the girls are currently trying to play with a size 5 and it will hinder their development.

-     Club issued practice uniform (socks, shorts, WHITE training top, shin guards & cleats) Please no colored shirts.

-     Sweater (no hood) & hat as necessary 

-     Water


-     Size 4 soccer ball

-     Club issued game uniform (both colored jerseys - red & blue, socks, shorts, shin guards, cleats, team jacket) Both jerseys are required in the event we have to change colors at the match. 

-     No jewelry, including earrings, watches, bracelets, necklaces

-     Hair secured with headband, braided, etc.

-     Sweater (no hoods) or long sleeve shirts must be worn under their jersey to play

-     Water

If you have any other questions about the season please reach out to Kris or I.

Excited to get the season started!

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Scott Bellner 
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