Chicago Edge SC provides a quality program for area soccer players at all levels promoting growth and excellence in individual and team soccer skills, in a challenging, rewarding environment, providing a high level of achievement and character development

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  Oak Park and River Forest's Youth Travel Soccer Club

  • creates soccer teams that combine youth players of a similar skill level; 
  • provides a focused and specialized coaching approach for each team resulting in each players accelerated soccer development;
  • fosters a positive atmosphere to build confidence and character in a supportive
  • places teams in their appropriate divisions so that all youth players benefit from a competitive soccer game and practice experience.
Chicago Edge Winter Season 2020/21

Please go to your team page for registration links

Tentative Winter Schedule for U7 to U15 teams: *Subject to change depending on registrations

All U9 to U15 training pods will have 1 x 80 minute practice PLUS a Scrimmage.  (Scrimmages which will take place every second Thursday @ Chicago Soccer)

Boys Practices 

2013/14 (U7/U8)  Mondays

2012 (U9) Mondays

2011 (U10) Tuesdays

2010 (U11) Mondays

2009 (U12) Tuesdays

2008 (U13) Tuesdays

2007/06 (U14/U15) Wednesdays


2013/14 (U7/U8)  Mondays

2012 (U9) Wednesdays

2011 (U10) Wednesdays

2010 (U11) Mondays

2009 (U12) Mondays

2008 (U13) Wednesdays

2007/06 (U14/U15) Wednesdays


All U7 to U15 practices and scrimmages @ Chicago Soccer (North Ave and 23rd Ave, Melrose Park)

Current Building Protocols for Chicago Soccer:

·      Masks will be mandatory at all times for players including while on the active field

·      Parents will not be allowed to stay in the building other than to drop off/pick up player

·      1 training pod per 2 fields (1 and 2, 3 and 4 or 5 and 6)

·      North entrance will be used for Fields 5 and 6

·      There is a 7ft barrier between fields 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. 

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Oak Park: 708-524-0273
River Forest: 708-802-1314

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Field Status
Amundsen Park Turf - Chicago  -- 
Andersen Park - Oak Park  -- 
Barrie Park - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Beye School - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Bonnie Brae - River Forest  -- 
Brooks Middle School - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Carroll Park - Oak Park  -- 
Centennial Park - River Forest TBD (10/31) 
Chicago Soccer - Melrose Park TBD (10/31) 
Columbus Park Turf - Chicago  -- 
Concordia University - River Forest  -- 
Dominican University - River Forest  -- 
Field Park - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Forest Park Turf Field - Forest Park TBD (10/31) 
Fox Park - Oak Park  -- 
Irving School - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Julian Middle School - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Keystone Park East - River Forest TBD (10/31) 
Keystone Park West - River Forest TBD (10/31) 
Lindberg Park Middle - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Lindberg Park North - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Lindberg Park South - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Longfellow Park - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Longfellow School - Oak Park  -- 
Maple Park South - Oak Park  -- 
ONLINE - Oak Oark TBD (10/31) 
OPRF High School - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Priory Park East - River Forest TBD (10/31) 
Priory Park North - River Forest TBD (10/31) 
Priory Park West - River Forest TBD (10/31) 
Priory Park/FenwickField - River Forest  -- 
Rehm Park - Oak Park  -- 
Ridgeland Common - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Serpico Field - Melrose Park  -- 
Stevenson Park - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Taylor Park - Oak Park TBD (10/31) 
Thatcher Woods - River Forest TBD (10/31) 
Washington Commons - River Forest TBD (10/31) 
Washington Square Park - River Forest  -- 
Willard Bowl - River Forest  -- 
Willard Constitution - River Forest TBD (10/31) 
Willard South - River Forest TBD (10/31)