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Kettlestrings Tavern Tie-In 1/24/22-1/28/22

What: Kettlestrings Tavern Fundraising Tie-In

Donation: 5% total bill donated to Chicago Edge Financial Assistance

When: Monday-Friday 1/24/22-1/28/22

Time: 4-9 PM Mon-Wed, 4-11 PM Thursday, 11-11 PM Friday

Where: 800 S. Oak Park Ave. – Dine-In or Carry-Out

How: Mention Edge when ordering or write Edge in the notes section for online orders


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Becoming a Soccer Referee
If you are interested in becoming a soccer referee for travel games in the area, now is the time to get certified for 2022.
Because of the pandemic all instruction is virtual. 
More information can be found on the ISRC website (Illinois Soccer Referee Committee) and the US Soccer Learning Center
How old do I have to be to be a referee?
You must turn 13 by the time you take the certification course. 
As a rule of thumb the leagues would like the center referees at least 3 years older than the players age group, so you need to be at least 15 years old to center ref a U12 game.
Linesmen should not be younger than the players on the field.


Do I have to take the class if I already have a referee badge?
Yes, every referee has to recertify each year. Clinics are usually offered over the winter break. Certifications are good for the entire calendar year. The first year you need to sign up for an entry clinic, in the subsequent years you will take a recertification class.


How much does the class cost?
All certification classes cost $75, which you pay at the time of registration by credit card.
All referees 18 or younger will get their clinic fee reimbursed by Chicago Edge after they ref and/or AR in at least 8 Edge games. If you are 18 or older you must have a background check completed in order to work games.


How much will I earn per game?
Center referees currently earn from $40 (U8) to $66 (U19) and will get paid by the leagues. The Chicago Edge also pays center referees an additional bonus of $10 for older age group games (U11-U18).
As a linesman you will get between $25 (U11) and $40 (U19) per game. Linesmen get paid by the clubs.


What else will I need?
• Everybody will need to take the Safe and Healthy Playing Environment course.
• If you are 18 or older you must have a background check completed as well as taking the SafeSport Training.
• All referees under the age of 16 are considered minors and will need to obtain a work permit each year. Forms can be downloaded from the Edge website. Work permits are due in April.
• Once certified, referees will need to have 2 ref shirts (yellow and alternate color), black shorts and black socks. In addition a set of flags, stopwatch, and a whistle will be needed. Our website (under the Referee tab) has a link to purchase ref supplies.



For questions, please contact me @ 

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